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Log all bash sessions for all users

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Saving for myself: To log all bash sessions for all users in Linux, put this at the end of /etc/bash.bashrc: Thanks to the following two posts for the details to get the behavior I wanted (that behavior being: to log the sessions, and then exit the parent shell that spawned the script command as expected when I exit the script… Read more »

Running remote graphical Linux programs through Windows Subsystem for Linux

I have recently been using the Windows Subsystem for Linux on my Windows 10 laptop at work, with Ubuntu running as the distribution in the subsystem. I recently had a need to use a graphical (X11) program running on a remote Linux VM. I was able to successfully run the program remotely, with the display on my local laptop by… Read more »

vCenter Server 6.7 Update 2 announced

vCenter Server 6.7 Update 2 has been announced, with several interesting things, but some highlights are: Web UI interface for the Converge Tool used to collapse external Platform Service Controllers back into an embedded mode. (Only available on the command-line prior to this update.) – that will make it more straightforward to convert those external PSCs into an embedded deployment… Read more »

Change SciTE’s default open filter from “All Source” to “All Files”

Posting this mainly to keep it for myself, but making it public to benefit anyone else looking for it as well. By default, SciTE‘s open dialog box is set to “All Source,” which means to show a list of all files it considers “source files” (files that contain program source code.) I wanted my copy of SciTE to display “All… Read more »

Fix VolumeUp|VolumeDown|Mute/Unmute keyboard keys in Lubuntu

Mostly for my own reference; to get the Volume Up/Volume Down/{Mute|Unmute} keys to work on my Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 in Lubuntu (Ubuntu with LXDE/Openbox), I had to modify the lubuntu-rc.xml file to indicate the correct commands to execute when those keys were pressed. Initially, I thought that the system wasn’t identifying the keys correctly, so I was using… Read more »

OpenSSH internal-sftp chroot logging on Ubuntu

I’m putting this here mainly to store it for myself, so these are going to be rough notes until I have time or inclination to review and edit this post. Note: this solution was formulated on a server running Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS To setup sftp chroot directories for sftp-only users, and yet still log all actions & transfers like… Read more »

Import Xen VM from .xva file via cmd-line or GUI

Importing a Xen VM from a .xva file Import/Restore a Xen VM from a backed-up image file, likely a backup taken of a VM prior to the destruction of said VM for any reason. Import via command line (faster and preferred method) This method took 2:33 (2 minutes 33 seconds) to import a VM that had an 8GB HDD, of… Read more »

Flash plugin crashing in Firefox on Windows 8 with StackHash_fa66 error

As of today, 2014-01-07, I am running Firefox 26.0 on Windows 8 with the Adobe Flash Plugin 11,9,900,170. For the past few weeks, whenever I attempted to load a site that utilizes the flash plugin, I would receive an application crash error with the following details: Problem signature:   Problem Event Name:                        APPCRASH   Application Name:                             FlashPlayerPlugin_11_9_900_170.exe   Application Version:                          … Read more »